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Dynamic queue games- play with more than 1 booster option

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This option provides our customers with ability to choose available League of Legends booster they like. Chosen booster is getting additional payout for such order.


FREE - Booster is available to start working on your order when he appears online on website.

ON ORDER - Booster is currently on order, if you choose him you will have to wait until he finishes it. Meanwhile you will be able to chat with him.

BUSY - Booster is already on order but queue to the booster is full or booster decided to disable queue to him. Thus you can't choose him.

NOT WORKING - Booster disabled customers ability to choose him as booster.

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What are the Types of Duoq/Dynamic queue services?

There are two type of Duoq Service that we provide in general which are Duoq games which we provide on this page specifically for those who are unable to pay a lot and when you visit our win boost, division boost, and placement match page, we provide you with the duoq option which guarantee our customers that they will 100% win the game or we will have to do make up win. However, Duoq game DO NOT guarantee that the match the booster play with you will be winnable every game. Our booster will try their best to win the match with you while maintain around 70% to 85% win rate in general.

Why would you buy Duo queue or Dynamic queue?

We are very happy to announce to you that in season six, Duo queue has become Dynamic Queue. Our customers are able to play with more than one booster when they purchase this option and it is integrated into every section of our ELO boost services. At, we offer a range of different services such as Division boost, Win boost, Unranked boost, and Placement match for new season. You may choose to utilize the skills of one of our boosters to log into your account and play for you or have them play with you for one of the above types of ELO boost. By playing with our boosters, you will get both short-term enjoyment, along with long-term knowledge of how to carry your own games. You may wonder why our boosters are very out-going and customer-friendly. In addition to the goal of providing you the best ELO boost service, it is our goal to ensure that all of our customers are both happy and successful. Our boosters are following our exact rules and regulations, at the same time, they want to give you that extra friendliness and try to reach out to you by helping you and teaching you how to climb on your own. We treat our customers with respect, integrity, and as humanly as possible.

Benefits of Duo and Dynamic queue versus Solo Queue:

One of the important things that our customers have to watch out for when they purchase ELO boost is that the service itself always carries some small risk, such as getting suspended for game breaking rules from Riot. The customer will have to give us their own credentials, like the account identification and password. This can be very important issue because law enforcement does not permit it. When your account is banned, it can be an extremely difficult experience, because you have spent countless hours of your time of grinding your account up to a specific division and tier. You will not able to log in the account and have to redo the level one to thirty which can take up to one month or two weeks if you buy the bonus experience in game which provided by Riot company. Instead, you can choose to use your dynamic queue service to play with other boosters. It will be so much more fun and team will work together to win the match. It will be much quicker to find a match and you do not have to worry about what to pick because you can play one role all of the time the ELO boosters are playing with you. Our ELO boosters play daily so you do not have to worry when you will get to play with your favorite booster again.

Interesting Facts:

For those of you who might be Solo Queue players out there, you are missing one of the most interesting parts of the game which the Dynamic Queue feature provides. When playing along with other players who are of the same rank as you or higher, not only you are able to play as a team, but you also experience higher levels of plays. Ultimately, you can earn your spot in higher division much quicker because you learn how to play better and enhance your game sense overall. One bonus element which Riot have given each player is that when they play five people at the same time, you will get to earn bonus points and fragments which allow you to buy new champion and runes. The Dynamic Queue will also allow you to collect pieces of a champion skin so you can match them together and if you are lucky, you can also get your hands on one of those legendary skins such as PAX twisted fate, championship riven, PAX Jax, PAX Sivir, Professor Ryze, Hextech Riot Grave, and much, much more!

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