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If your LP gain is 16 or less, we do not offer division boost, Please use the win boost page.

What is the League system in League of Legend?

The game, League of Legend, was originally created by a company called Riot Game and released on Oct, 27, 2009. It was launched across both America and European servers. The term "League system" was introduced to the players and the system itself changes from season to season. In season three, the Riot company implemented one major change in the league system which divided the game into many different categories such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Challenger tiers. The term LP, or league points, was introduced to give player chances to climb a division base on how many points they gain per win and up to 100 LP can be earned in a single division. After that, the player will have to do the promotion series where they must win two out of three games in order to place themselves into a division above. During season 4, the master tier was added to separate those who did not make it to challenger but whose skills are higher than the diamond one. In general, there are a total of 5 divisions in which division five are the lowest tier whereas division 1 is the highest of that tier.

What is Division boost or League boost?

The ELO system is designed to group five players together on the same team who have similarities in terms of their game knowledge and decision-making. However, life is not always fair and neither is League of Legend. Riot's intention when they made league of legend was to create an environment where players enjoy playing together as a team. Prospectively, it is a quite fair system, but you will occasionally have to fill in for another role and sometimes carry your teammates too. Ultimately, that is very unfair if all you are doing is carrying your team and getting blamed for if the game becomes too hard. As a result, some players look into the services that provide, in this case, division boost.

How do we proceed Division boost?

After you have placed an order based on your divisions of choice, our booster will log into your account within the preceding 24 hours. The time of completion is dependent on many factors, such as when you want to pause your boost to play with friends, or, even team deciding factors when ELO boosting. We want to ensure that all your orders will be completed in a timely manner, and that is why we have set a limited time for your booster to complete your order. If your ELO booster has not started on your order, you may talk to our live chat support and give them your PayPal email and tracking number. We will replace your order with another booster who is immediately available. Also, to pause an order or spectate it live, simply use your commands when you log in.

Beneficial of getting Division boost:

We fully support our customers to use Division boost for many reasons. The first reason is that obviously you want to show off to your friends that you have gained a new division in the League or getting yourself into another tier unlike your league mates. Having a new experience in another tier is a wonderful thing because it makes you feel different compared to your previous tier or division. You will be able to play with other high level players in that tier or division and learn how to cooperate in a team game where it lacks in lower division and tier. Secondly, a Division boost provides you with the perfect MMR, which stands for match-making-rating. You will no longer gain so few points that it feels like it will take years to get into another division or tier. We will reset that league points gain to normal which is around twenty to thirty points per win rather than ten or five points. Finally, we discover that once you get into a run of good winning rates, it is most likely that you will gain more points and get into a good team where you do not have to try so hard to win a game. It elevates your status and skills.

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