1. How do Your Services Work and what can i Expect?

You may choose one of our many ranked or non ranked services, where you have the option to choose between SoloQ or DuoQ. After we recieve your payment and user information, you can customize your order and we will begin the boost with one off our Master/Challenger Boosters.

2. Once I pay for the Boost, what do i do next?

Once you have paid for the boost, make sure you register on our site and then log into your account. You will receive link by email to create a new account if there is no account registered to your email. After you are logged into your CheapLoLBoost account, yo will customize the details for your service. Once you`ve customized your order, the service is ready to begin.

3. Which Payment Methods do you Accept?

We process payments through Stripe, in association with Stripe.com. Stripe allows you to order ELO Boosting with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Skrill, Paysafe Cards, SOFORT Banking, Ideal Payment, SMS payment, and many other options.

4. How can i be sure my Account won't be Stolen?

It is not possible to steal accounts since every account has a specific email associated to it, that only the owner has access to, so your account is always recoverable. Regardless, we also take extreme care to ensure that your information is kept secure.

5. Are the Boosters Toxic / Do They Rage/Flame during Games?

Our boosters cannot speak, under any circumstance, while in your account. Also, after your order is complete, you can leave a review for the booster. Boosters who receive negative reviews from customers will no longer be provided with orders, so they have every reason to act polite and professional while representing out company.